Car Stalls When Engine is Hot

Car Stalls When Engine is Hot

Car stalls when engine is hot or the temperature is abnormally hot while driving. When the car stall if the engine is abnormally hot, this often cause by a vapor lock occurred on the engine.

Vapor lock happens when a gas going to the engine starts to boils before it reaches the combustion chambers, when the gas boils an air bubbles is produced which then causes the air/fuel ratio to have too much air and not enough gasoline in this case the ratio is weak and not enough to cause the engine to stay running. Vapor lock is triggered by an extremely hot engine.

Possible cause of stalling when engine is hot
Vapor lock

How to fix car stalling when engine is hot
When your car engine stalls while driving on extremely hot engine, or weather probably you encounter vapor lock. In this case no other option but to wait for the car engine to cools down before continue driving, also bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop for inspection and determine why the engine gets extremely hot. One reason for the engine to become extremely hot is by having a cooling system problem. Have it check to confirm that it causes the engine to become hot and avoid vapor lock problem that causes your car to stall when engine is hot.

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