Are squealing brakes dangerous?

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Are squealing brakes dangerous?

Are squealing brakes dangerous? No, squealing brakes are not dangerous but it does not mean that it can be neglected either when you heard squealing on the brakes.  

Squealing noise from car brakes consists of two reasons, one is the brake pads are low and is needed to be replace. Second is the brake pads is vibrating at a very high frequency.

Lets discuss the first the low brake pads, if you are not aware brake pads consist of a wear sensor, it's the thin metal connected to the pads. When the brake pads worn out, this thin metal plates makes contact with the disc and will produce squealing noise, it's use to warn the driver that the brake pads is needed to be replaced.

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How to check if brake pads worn out
Step on the brake pedal then observed if the pedal is fairly low compare to the normal. If the pedal is low then the pad is worn out. If the brake pads is replace check also the brake disc because sometimes the disc is needed to be machined so that the pads is in even contact with the disc and have better alignment. 

 The second reason of squealing noise is brake pads is vibrating at a very high frequency. It is not easy to detect the tire is necessary to remove to better check brake assembly to where the squealing occurs.

Check the brake pads and the caliper for any looseness. Check also the disc for deep grooves which resulted from contact of the pads and disc that produce squealing. Also check the brakes hardware for any looseness of the anti-squeal shims and anti-rattle springs. Sometimes squealing can cause by glazed pads and non-factory brake pads.

Squealing brakes is not dangerous because it is not always an indication of brakes problem, as long as the brake pads are not too worn and the brakes are working properly, no need to worry.

Local auto parts store offers available product to fix the car brakes squeal which are cheap and easy to install, you only need to ask the sales person, but it is always better to asks the mechanic to check the brakes if squalling occurs, but of course there is a cost involve.

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