Car Engine Runs Rough on Idling

Car Engine Runs Rough on Idling

When your car engine is idling the engine runs rough.

Car Problem Diagnosis
When your car engine runs rough while on idle it means that there is a misfiring of one or more cylinders. As you can see when a cylinder misfires it will disrupt the engines natural balance. Now, the real problem here is why the engine cylinder misfires? A lot of reasons why an engine cylinder misfires and is very difficult to test but the most common causes are bad spark plugs/wires, a vacuum leak or burned and out of adjustments of one or more valves.
In any case, all causes low compression on the corresponding cylinder thus engine misfiring occurs. Another possibility is a wrong anti-freeze/water ratio.

Possible Cause of Engine Rough Idling
One or more cylinders inside your car engine is misfiring

How to Fix Rough Engine Idle
First thing to do is to try replacing your car engine spark plug and spark plug wires, however if this does not correct the problem bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop or auto dealer and ask the mechanic to completely test your car to determine why your car engine misfire and conduct a repair if necessary.

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