Why Your Engine Suddenly Loses Power and How to Fix It

A car engine suddenly losses power while the car is running on a flat road or going uphill. If engine suddenly losses power while driving on both flat road and uphill usually is the result of the following:

For the carburetor engine, this problem occurs when there is a failure on one of the component of the ignition system or a sudden failure of the carburetor.

Carburetor is the one that supplies the engine with an adequate amount of fuel. If the carburetor fails the engine will not get a sufficient amount of fuel this causing the engine to loss power. As for the ignition system, this system provides current to the spark plugs to make them ignite causing the air/fuel mixture to burn inside the engine combustion chambers and provides power on the engine. If one of the spark plugs is faulty or not firing properly, the engine will losses power.

For the fuel injection engine, if the top speed is less than what it once was the possible problem is a clogged catalytic converter. Catalytic converter is a device located along the exhaust system that cleans unburned gasses. If the catalytic converter is clogged the unburned gasses will not pass through it and out the tail pipe. If this is the case a back pressure is created which in turn causes the car to loss power and lesser top speed.

Another cause of loss power for a fuel injected engine is when the fuel injector is clogged. Fuel injector is a key component of a fuel injection system it sprays fuel into the engine. If the fuel injector is clogged or partially clogged the amount of fuel that is sprayed inside the engine combustion chamber is not sufficient thus making the engine starved of fuel and loss power.

Possible Cause Why Engine Suddenly Losses Power
Faulty carburetor, Faulty spark plug, clogged catalytic converter, clogged fuel injector.

How to Fix an Engine With Sudden Loss of engine Power
When the problem is faulty carburetor or faulty spark plug you’ll need to bring the car to reputable repair shop and ask the mechanic to determine the exact cause of the problem and have it repair if possible.

If the problem is clogged catalytic converter then it can be fixed by installing a new catalytic converter since it cannot be cleaned.

To fixed the problem, before going to a repair shop, try filling you car with a high quality gasoline because it consist additives that automatically cleans residue off the fuel injectors, you can will notice the change on the performance of the engine after a few tanks. However, if the problem still occurs then that is the time to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and asks the mechanic to clean the injectors and fixed the problem of sudden loss of engine power.

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