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What Does Engine Power Reduced Mean

What does engine power reduced mean? If your car with high mileage gradually reduced engine power while driving on any road conditions, but the car top speed remains the same as it was, then there is problem.

A high mileage car with gradual lack of power on all road conditions, flat road or uphill, is an indication that the engine is weak on compression. Compression means the air/fuel mixture is squeeze inside the engine combustion chambers. An engine with higher compression is an indication of a more powerful engine, however as the engine is continuously in operations it's components worn out.

If engine component worn out engine compression will become weak. The engine components which can cause a weak compression if worn out are valves, rings, and timing belt. A worn timing belt will slip and can cause the engine timing to be off and will result to a weak engine compression.

Reason of reduced engine power
1. Weak engine compression

What to do?

Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check for weak engine compression. If the mechanic confirms that the engine is weak on compression, the first part to check is the timing belt. Ask the mechanic to check the timing belt for wear and replace it if necessary. If the timing belt is found to be in good condition, the next part to check is the valve of the rings, either of the two is the cause of the weak compression. In any case please be preferred to shoulder all the cost because this kind of repair can cost you a lot.

What Does Engine Power Reduced Mean
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