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How to Park on a Hill - Uphill and Dowhill Parking

Most people might not be aware sometimes on how to park uphill and downhill, especially when parking uphill and downhill along side of the road.
Sometimes accident happened even when a car is at park and not moving at all, safety measures must be practice to avoid a much bigger problem in the event that an accident happened.

Safe parking procedure must be taken into consideration

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When parking a car always apply both, the parking brake and the shift lever must be placed in an appropriate gear position for manual transmission, or placed in P (Park) position for automatic transmission. This is to secure the car from rolling unexpectedly which in turn will result into an accident.

When a car is parking downhill with a curb, turn the wheels toward the curb and move the vehicle forward until the side wheel touches the curb.

When a car is parking uphill with a curb, turn the wheels away from the curb, move the vehicle backward until the side tire touches the curb.

When parking on an uphill and downhill but without a curb, turn the wheels toward the side of the road.

Proper way of parking a car to uphill and downhill does not only saves us from trouble but also may save other people from being hurt because of the unexpected incident that will happen.

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