Bad Strut Symptoms

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Bad Strut Symptoms

Bad Strut SymptomsHow can you tell if your car is having bad struts? you can tell your car is having bad struts if you encounter this bad strut symptoms,  the car nose dives when braking doesn’t really mean that there is problem on the brake system but rather a problem on the suspension of the car specifically a bad strut.

Bad strut symptoms
1. The car nose dive when braking.

Car problem diagnosis
There are two key components of car front suspension namely the shocks and the springs. These two parts is not connected with each other, but for some cars these two are integrated into a single part called the strut. The strut has a portion called the strut cartridge which is the portion where the shock is, and also called as a damper.

The strut is also function the same as the suspension with separate shocks and springs, the concept is basically the same wherein the springs absorbed the bumps on the road and the strut cartridge is the one that keep the spring from bouncing repeatedly, it restrict the spring movement.

Now, when the car nose dives when the brake is apply the entire weight of the car is thrown forward towards the car front end. The spring will be the one that absorbed the entire weight and since the shocks or the strut cartridge are worn out or faulty it will not function well to control the contraction of the spring and cause the car nose to dive.

What to do to correct if a car nose dives when braking
Check the car if the front suspension has shocks or struts, if the suspension has shocks then replace the shocks usually this will fix the problem. Do not replace the spring because the springs never wear out.

Now, if the car has strut you need to replaced the entire strut assembly but in most cases only the strut cartridges is needed to be replaced to fix the problem.

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