Why Does My Car Make A Ticking Sound?

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Why Does My Car Make A Ticking Sound?

While driving there is a ticking sound coming from my engine. Why does my car make a ticking sound?

What causes ticking sound from the engine?
Ticking sound coming from engine while running indicates engine that is not fully lubricated. If the car engine is not fully lubricated, two possible reasons are causing it. The engine is either lacks oil or has low oil pressure. To find out the real cause of the ticking sound problem do the following:
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1) Check the Engine Oil Level. Park the vehicle on level ground and check the engine oil level. The engine oil level must be checked before the engine is started or after it is parked overnight. If the engine lacks oil then the ticking noise is caused by poor engine lubrication. If the engine oil is enough then the poor engine lubrication cause can be disregarded, so proceed to the next check item.

2) Check the oil pressure. To check the oil pressure is low, start the engine then observed the oil warning light located on the car dashboard. When the oil warning light came on while the ticking sound occurs then this causes the problem which is also poor engine lubrication. Oil pressure is an indication if the entire engine key components receive enough amount of oil for lubrication if the oil pressure is low some engine components will not receive enough amount of oil and will create ticking noise or tapping noise that can be heard. Now, why is the oil pressure low? The only reason can be a faulty oil pump.

However, if the oil pressure is enough then the engine receives enough amount of oil. In this case, the problem can cause either a loose valve or leaking exhaust manifold. That kind of problem can also cause a similar ticking noise, a loose valve slap against the rocker arm while the engine runs thus causing a ticking noise. Leaking exhaust manifold causes the exhaust gases to leak thus causing a ticking sound on the engine.

Possible cause of ticking sound from the engine
1. Poor engine lubrication
2. Loose valve
3. Leaking exhaust manifold

What to do?
1. Poor engine lubrication. Open the hood and check the amount of engine oil. Add an amount of engine oil to the engine if the oil is not enough. But if the oil is enough then bring the car to the repair shop and asks the mechanic to check the oil pump because if there is a problem of the oil pump then the oil have not enough pressure to go inside the engine which causes oil starvation. Sometimes it's just a clogged oil pan that causes the oil starvation on the engine. Because of clogging the pump cannot provide enough oil on the engine.

2. Loose valve or leaking exhaust manifold. Bring the car to the repair shop and asks the mechanic to check the valve for any looseness, also have the mechanic check the exhaust manifold.

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