What Does it Mean When Your Car Jerks

What does it mean when your car jerks?

When you have a fuel injection car that constantly hesitate and and the car jerks when you accelerate the possible problem is a bad throttle position sensor.

Car Problem Diagnosis
Constantly jerking of car during acceleration is cause of a bad throttle position sensor, as you can see fuel injected engines have throttle position sensor, the purpose of this device is to measures how far you depressed the gas pedal, while depressing the gas pedal the throttle position sensor sent data to your car engines computer system. The engine computer calculates the data and the result determines how much gas fuel the fuel injection should inject into the car engine.
Therefore with that said, if the throttle position sensor is faulty it will affect the injection of gas into the engine in which will result in a hesitant of your car when accelerating and even makes your car to jerks.

Possible Cause Why Car Hesitates and Jerks
Bad throttle position sensor

What to do?
To fix the problem you need to bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in fuel injection engine and ask the mechanic to check the throttle position sensor to confirm that this is the cause of the problem, explain to the mechanic about your car diagnostics result.

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