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Why Does My Car Make A High Pitched Noise?

Why does my car make a high pitched noise? Car make a high pitched noise or a squealing noise coming from the engine is an indication that there is problem on the drive belt.

Drive belt is the one that drive power to the engine accessories, when the belt is worn out or damage high pitched engine noise is easily be heard especially the driver. Also the same with the alternator, if the alternator is faulty it will also produce a high pitched noise.

Usually the noise will happen if the bearing inside the alternator is worn out, if the bearing inside alternator has problem this will produced high pitched noise when the alternator is spinning.

Possible cause of the problem
1. Damage or worn out drive belt
2. Faulty alternator

What to do?
When your car encounter this problem, first thing to do is to spray or lubricate the drive belt. Spray the belt with WD40, you can find WD40 at any car accessory store. Spray the lubricant (WD40) on the under side of the drive belt.

If the alternator is not sealed spray the bearing with the WD40. It will temporarily stop the pitched noise coming from the engine. Bring the car to repair shop, asks the mechanic to check all the drive belts and the alternator, if problem is found repair if necessary.

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