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Why Your Car Loses Power Going Uphill and How to Fix It

Car losses power uphill

Car trouble symptoms
When you drive thru an uphill road you will notice that your car engine performance is weak, the car losses power going uphill, but on a flat road, the car runs normally.

If you observed that your car losses power going uphill several reasons is causing it.For an engine to operate properly and smoothly. Three factors are necessary a compression pressure, Valve opening pressure, and injection timing of the fuel injection and Spray pattern.

These three items are associated with the operating principles of the diesel engine. Diesel knock, black smoke, and lack of power are caused by these items, and the occurrence frequencies are high. The injection nozzle in particular can cause a wide range of malfunctions. It is a major point to consider in performing trouble diagnosis and maintenance.

Also, an injection pump is one of the malfunction causes as much as an injection nozzle. For malfunctions of the diesel engine, the injection pump is often removed as a suspected cause. But once it is removed, the car cannot be driven, and it is often the case that parts other than the injection pump are the cause of engine malfunctions. It is important to keep the injection pump installed until the cause is identified (or at least probable causes are narrowed down).

Car Problem Diagnosis
The key conditions here is losing power when driving uphill, when a car engine is weak in power this only means the engine is low in compression, this is noticeable, especially when driving uphill because the engine is under a lot more stress on this condition. Since the engine is low in compression, worn out rings or valve is the most likely cause of having a weak engine performance.

Possible Cause when Car Losses Power Going Uphill

(1) Worn rings or Valves

What to do?
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check for the rings or valve by means of a wet compression test to verify if it is already worn out. If the mechanic confirms that the rings or valve is worn out then you’ll be facing a very expensive repair, if this is the case seek first a second opinion before you agreed on the mechanic to proceed with the repair.

The above diagnosis only suggests the most likely cause of weak engine performance, it may also possible that there is another cause of the problem such as a faulty electronic sensor, in any case, seek a second mechanic opinion to help you decide if you want to proceed with the repair so that your car engine performance returns to normal.

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