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Car Losses Power Going Uphill

The car losses power going uphill, engine performance is weak on uphill driving, but normal when driving on the flat road.

Car Problem Diagnosis
When a car engine is weak in power this only means the engine is low in compression, this is noticeable especially when driving uphill because the engine is under a lot more stress on this condition. Since the engine is low in compression, worn out rings or valve is the most likely cause of having a weak engine performance.

Possible Cause when Car Losses Power Going Uphill
Worn rings or Valves

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How to Fix Engine Power Loss on Uphill
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check for the rings or valve by means of a wet compression test to verify if it is already worn out. If the mechanic confirms that the rings or valve is worn out then you’ll be facing a very expensive repair, if this is the case seek first a second opinion before you agreed on the mechanic to proceed with the repair. The above car problem diagnosis only suggest the most likely cause of weak engine performance, it may also possible that there are another cause of the problem such as a faulty electronic sensor, in any case a 2nd opinion can help you decide if you want to proceed with the repair so that your car engine performance returns to normal.

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