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Removing and Installing Navara NP300 Oil Filter

Removal of Oil Filter

• Oil filter is provided with relief. Use a genuine NISSAN Oil filter or equivalent.
• Be careful not to get burned when the engine and engine oil may be hot.
• When removing, prepare a shop cloth to absorb any engine oil leakage or spillage.
• Never allow engine oil to adhere to the engine and vehicle.

1. Remove the engine undercover middle.

2. Place a pan to catch the engine oil under the lower part of the drain hose outlet before removing the oil filter.

3. Disconnect fuel filter harness connector 1.

Step 4. Remove mounting nuts A of fuel filter 1 and move it aside with its hoses connected. Temporarily secure it with a rope to avoid putting the load on its hose. Fuel filter mounting nut tightening torque: 13.5 Nm (1.4 kg-m, 10 ft-lb)

Step 5. Using an oil filter wrench, remove the oil filter.

• When removing the oil filter, prepare waste and a tray (drip pan) to prevent the vehicle from getting soiled by oil dripping.
• Thoroughly wipe out engine oil dripped on the engine or vehicle.

Installation of Oil Filter

Step 1. Remove foreign materials adhering to the oil filter installation surface.
Step 2. Apply new engine oil to the oil seal contact surface of the new oil filter.

Step 3. Screw the oil filter manually until it touches the installation surface, then tighten it by 2/3 turn A. Or tighten it to the specification.Oil filter tightening torque: 17.6 Nm (1.8 kg-m, 13 ft-lb).

Inspection after installation

Step 1. Check the engine oil level.
Step 2. Start the engine, and check there is no leakage of engine oil.
Step 3. Stop the engine and wait 10 minutes.
Step 4. Check the engine oil level.

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