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How to Change the Oil Filter for D40 Navara

When conducting a Nissan Navara D40 change oil, it is also necessary to change the oil filter. Make sure to use only a genuine Nissan engine oil filter or equivalent when doing the changing of oil and oil filter your self. Refer to service manual that is related to your Navara model for oil specifications.

How to change the oil filter for Nisan Navara D40

Step 1. First is to remove the engine under cover located under the engine, and then using oil filter wrench remove the oil filter. When removing the oil filter use a cloth to absorb engine oil leakage or spillage. Completely wipe off any engine oil that adheres to engine and vehicle. image

Step 2. Replace the used oil filter with a new one. Before installation of new oil filter remove all foreign materials adhere to the surface where the oil filter will be installed.
Step 3. Apply new engine oil on the oil seal contact surface of the new oil filter, use only genuine Nissan oil filter and recommended Nissan engine oil. image
Step 4. Screw manually (hand tight) the new oil filter until the filter touches the surface of installation area, and then tighten it by 2/3. Or tighten to specification, oil filter tightening torque of 17.6 N.m (1.8 kg-m, 13 ft-lb). image
Step 5. After the installation of oil filter inspect for leakage. First, check engine oil level and add engine oil if necessary.

By doing this simple routine maintenance on your Nissan Navara, you can be sure that the engine will functions properly and efficiently, furthermore the life of the engine will be maximized.

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