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NP300 Periodic Maintenance Guide

Periodic Maintenance
The following tables show the normal maintenance schedule for NP 300 Navara. Depending upon weather and atmospheric conditions, varying road surfaces, individual driving habits, and vehicle usage, additional or more frequent maintenance may be required. Periodic maintenance beyond the last period shown on the tables requires similar maintenance.

NP300 Periodic Maintenance Schedule

NOTE: • Maintenance items with “ ” should be performed more frequently according to “Maintenance Under Severe Driving Conditions”.

• (1) Periodic maintenance is not required. However, if valve noise increases, check valve clearance.
• (2) Replace the drive belts if found damaged or if the auto-tensioner reading reaches the maximum limit.
• (3) Never use JASO DH-2 or DL-1, API CG-4, or higher grade oil.
• (4) Use Genuine NISSAN Engine Coolant (blue) or equivalent in its quality, in order to avoid possible aluminum corrosion within the engine cooling system caused by the use of non-genuine engine coolant. Check and correct the engine coolant mixture ratio every 40,000 km (24,000 miles) or 24 months. First interval replacement is 160,000 km (96,000 miles) or 96 months. After first replacement, replace every 80,000 km (48,000 miles) or 48 months.
• (5) Drain water when water level sensor lamp lights on in combi meter.
• (6) If engine power decreases, black exhaust smoke is emitted or engine noise increases, perform this maintenance item.

The maintenance intervals shown on the preceding pages are for normal operating conditions. If the vehicle is mainly operated under severe driving conditions as shown below, more frequent maintenance must be performed on the following items as shown in the table.

Severe driving conditions
A — Driving in dusty conditions
B — Driving repeatedly short distances
C — Towing a trailer or caravan
D — Extensive idling or urban driving
E — Driving in extremely adverse weather conditions or in areas where ambient temperatures are either extremely low or extremely high
F — Driving in high humidity areas or in mountainous areas
G — Driving in areas using salt or other corrosive materials
H — Driving on rough and/or muddy roads or in the desert
I — Driving with frequent use of braking or in mountainous areas
NP 300 Periodic Maintenance Severe Condition

NP300 Navara Fluids and Lubricants
The following are approximate capacities. The actual refill capacities may be slightly different. When refilling, follow the procedures described elsewhere in this manual.
Recommended Fluids and Lubricants for NP300 Navara

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