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Nissan Navara Transfer Case Fluid Checking

Transfer case fluid for Nissan Navara is as important as any other lube jobs that must not be neglected and included in your periodic maintenance. If you own a Nissan Navara it is necessary to periodically check the level of transfer case fluid to prevent major damage from happening.

How to check Navara transfer case fluid leakage and fluid level

1) Inspect for fluid leak all around the transfer assembly. Ensure that there is no fluid leakage all around the transfer case.
2) Remove the filler plug and check the level of the fluid from the filler plug hole as shown in the illustration. Take into consideration the engine, it must not be in running condition while the fluid level is being checked.

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3) Install the filler plug. New filler plug must be used, do not use the old filler plug to ensure that no leak will happen. Tighten the filler plug.

How to change the transfer fluid for Nissan Navara

1) Make sure that the engine is stopped before changing transfer fluid.
2) Remove the drain plug and gasket then drain the transfer fluid.

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3) Install the drain plug with a new gasket to the transfer case and tighten the drain plug. Remember that you cannot use the old gasket.

4) Fill the transfer with new fluid until the fluid level reaches the specified limit near the filler plug hole. Use Genuine Nissan Matic D Automatic Transmission Fluid. Fluid capacity is 2.0 liter.
5) After filling of new oil, check the oil level as shown in the above illustration. Tighten the filler plug. Never reuse the old gasket. You must replace the gasket with the new one.

Nissan Navara Maintenance Tips

On this page, you will find Nissan Navara D40 maintenance tips necessary to ensure that your Navara is in good condition.

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