September 30, 2008

How to Check Oil Level in Car

As a car owner it is a must that you regularly check oil level in your car to avoid future problem that will arise, which may result to your car break down that will give you headache and rip your pocket due to high cost of maintenance.

When to check oil level? hot or cold.
Oil level must be check when the engine is cold before the engine is started.

How to Check Oil Level
Its easy, all you have to do is follow the following simple steps.

Step 1.Start your car engine and have it run until the engine reaches the operating temperature.

Step 2.Turn off your car engine and wait for a few minutes for the oil to drain back into the oil pan.

Step 3.After a few minutes remove the dipstick and wipe it clean, then re-insert.
Check oil level
Step 4.Remove the dipstick again and check the oil level, it should be between the “H” and “L” marks or between the cutout edges. If the oil level is below the “L” mark/low level, remove the oil filler cap and pour recommended oil through the opening. Do not over refill.
Step 5.Check again the oil level with dipstick.

Operating with insufficient amount of oil can damage your car engine, and if such damage occurs it is not covered by your car warranty that is why it is necessary to checked your car engine oil regularly.

Also, during break-in period or between oil maintenance intervals, it is normal to add some oil depending on the severity of operating conditions.

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