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How to take care of your car like a pro?

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How do you take care of your car? there is a lot of things to do to take care of your car, most do-it-yourself maintenance is found on your car owners manual. As car owner especially those first time to own a car must know the basic of checking their car for day to day operation as routine, it is essential to have the car operates properly to provide you with a safe journey.

What is the most important maintenance on a car?

Check the tire pressure of all tires including spare tire more often, especially when having a long distance trips, adjust if necessary, vehicle owner’s manual indicates the correct car tire pressure, and always maintain your car tire pressure at the specified level, also ensure that your car tire is free from damage or excessive tire wear. Rotate tires every 10,000 km (6,000 miles).

Check the windshield wiper for cracks and wear and be sure that it is functioning properly. Also check the windshield washer if there is enough water on the reservoir.

Check for the engine coolant level, checking must be done when the engine is cold, check if there is an adequate coolant on the reserve tank and the radiator.

Check the level of the engine oil after parking your vehicle on the level ground, with the engine off. The proper way of checking and the level of the engine oil can be found on the car user manual.

Check the brake and clutch fluid level and ensure that your vehicle brake and clutch fluid level is between the “Max” and “Min” lines, if not add enough amount of fluid. The clutch fluid and the battery fluid is of the same specification. See your car user manual for the correct specification. 

Check the battery fluid level in each cell, battery plates should be immersed to a battery fluid. The level of the battery fluid must cover the top of the plate. But if your battery is a maintenance free know the how long the battery will last its depend on the brand, no need for battery fluid checking just check the terminal for any corrosion.

Check all lamps, make sure that the headlamps, and stop lamps, tail lamps, turn signal lamps are operating properly. Safe journey depends on the safety conditions of your car, therefore always ensure that you are aware of how to take care of your car.

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