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What causes the Steering Wheel not to Return

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What causes the steering wheel not to return? When the car turns from a curve and the steering wheels does not return to center it means that there is a problem with the alignment of the front wheel.

There are several possible causes of the problem on the alignment of the front wheel and explaining why the steering wheel does not return after the turn is purely technical and requires knowledge about the car front ends and the wheel alignment.

But nevertheless, we will try to explain the problem as easy as we can. The idea of wheel alignment has something to do with the setting of the various angle of the wheel. The alignments of the wheel consist of different setting depending on the car model and for this particular problem of the steering wheel which does not return to center involve the “caster” and the “steering axis inclination”. If both settings are not met it will cause a problem with the steering returnability and the steering will not return easily.

What to do?
If you encountered a steering wheel that does not return after turning on a curve here's what you do, bring the car to a tire shop and have it aligned. Most of the time base on experience it will fix the problem.

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  1. On GM cars its nearly ALWAYS the strut mount bearings are worn.Had it happen to 3 cars.


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