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Why does my car make a grinding noise when I shift gears?

Why does a car make grinding noise when shifting gears? When shifting into one particular forward gear, a grinding sound is heard.

Car Problem Diagnosis
1. If grinding sound when shifting in one particular gear happens especially on forward gear, then it is an indication of a problem on the synchronizer of that particular gear.

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A synchronizer is a device inside a transmission making the rotating shafts and gears together at the same speed for smooth shifting. When the synchronizer is faulty it will result in a grinding noise when shifting and may also lead to not shifting at all.

2. If the grinding occur into first gear from a stop the possibilities is too much clutch pedal or free play.

Free play is the distance that the clutch pedal move before engaging. Sometimes even when a clutch pedal is fully depressed, the clutch is not fully disengaged which resulted in grinding sound when shifting into first gear.

Possible Cause of Grinding Sound on Shifting
1. Faulty Synchronizer of a particular gear that is grinding
2. Too much clutch pedal free play

What to do?
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop that specialized in transmission works and ask the mechanic to inspect your car. Asks the mechanic to first adjust the clutch pedal free play. If the problem still occur then its the faulty synchronizer.

If the mechanic told you that you need your transmission pull down, seek several shop for second opinion before you agree to have your car transmission tear down.

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