What is the Proper Mixture of Antifreeze?

Car Maintenance,Sponsored, Antifreeze is the liquid mix with water inside the radiator to keep the coolant from freezing especially on cold weather. So, what is the proper mixture of antifreeze? Antifreeze is necessary to put mix with radiator cooling water when the outside temperature of the surrounding is very cold.

Aside from keeping the cooling water to freeze, antifreeze also increases the boiling temperature of the car cooling water. Usually, a 50/50 ratio of water and anti-freeze is recommended to maximize freezing protection as well as maximize the boiling temperature of the water inside the radiator. Also, if the radiator has water alone without coolant then it can cause corrosion.

But, if there is a wrong ratio between anti-freeze and water, the most common problem that car may encounter is that the cooling water inside the radiator will boil at a lower temperature or even when the engine is semi-hot.

Antifreeze is just an aid to the water as engine coolant, it cannot be put on the engine without mixing with water since antifreeze is not good at drawing heat from the engine. However, if the temperature of the surrounding is below zero for a long period of time the mixture ratio must be 70/30 antifreeze water ratio so that the coolant will not freeze.

When mixing antifreeze and water, to make sure you have correct ratio into the radiator, drain the radiator of water. Pour antifreeze liquid into a container then pour in enough amount of water to mix with the antifreeze liquid and mix together, pour in the mixture into the radiator and the coolant reservoir.

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