Are Transmission Flushes Really Necessary?

Are transmission flushes really necessary? Well, transmission flush is the removal of old transmission fluid from car transmission as well as removing old fluid residue from the converters. It is believed to be that these flushing of transmission can maximize the life and the functionality of the transmission that is why some include this process in their regular car maintenance schedule. However, this kind of process will not guarantee that the old fluid will completely remove.

How do you do a transmission flush?
A transmission flush is done by forcing the fluid in a reverse manner as the normal fluid flow through the use of a machine. A special solvent is a force back by this machine through the engine and transmission in high pressure.

But some say that this kind of process will do harm to the car system than good, since a high-pressure cleaning solvent is forced back through the engine and transmission it can cause the accumulated sludge from the system to be forcefully removed, this sludge will then flow through the small passages which the oil passes in normal flow, because of this there is a possibility that this sludge will tightly block those small passages like the valves since valves are mostly once way passages.

During the normal operation of the car, the fluid flow will be blocked by the sludge that traps into these small passages causing loss of lubrication of the engine as well as the transmission. If that is the case the result would be a shifting problem or even an engine problem, in both cases, it’s very expensive to repair.

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With that said transmission flush is not recommended by the car manufacturer to include regular car maintenance, there are some dealers that might tell you that it is necessary to maximize the life of your transmission. However do not fell into this kind of deception, just follow what the car manufacturer is recommending, you can check it out on the car service booklet.

A transmission flush is not necessary just follow the recommended regular change oil and transmission service recommend by the car manufacturer indicated on the service booklet included together with the service manual when you purchase the car.

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