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Why Does My Car Make A Clicking Sound When I Turn?

Why does my car make a clicking sound when I turn? Well, when there is a clicking sound when the car turns there are two reasons that cause the problem and it will all depend on what drives the car has if the car is front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive.

Possible cause:
1) Faulty outboard CV joints
2) Damage front end components

Car problem diagnosis:
1) If the car is front wheel drive the reason for the clicking sound when turning is the faulty constant velocity joints or CV joints.

2) If the car is a rear wheel drive the problem is not the CV joints but rather damaged front end components like the ball joint, tie rod end, steering knuckle or other front end components.

What to do?
(1) Faulty outboard CV joints
Look underneath your car where the clicking sound occurs and check the outboard CV joints boot which looks like the picture shown below. Replace the rubber boot if it is damaged or thorn, because if this is the case dirt will go inside the CV joints and will cause clicking noise especially when your car turns.

If the CV joints boot is fine then you need to replace the CV joints

(2) Damaged front end components
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Bring your car to the repair shop then asks the mechanic to inspect the front end for any loose components and repair if necessary.

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