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What does it mean when your car makes a whining noise?

Do you know what does it mean when your car makes a whining noise?

Whining noise occurs while you drive the car. Automatic transmission whining noise is an indication of a serious problem on the transmission. Sometimes the whining noise is a result of a low ATF, but what if the transmission has sufficient automatic transmission fluid?

Whine noise on the automatic transmission is not normal and having this noise on your transmission is a bad indication that there is a problem. Usually, this kind of noise is a result of the incorrect rotation of the gear or bearing inside the transmission, probably those components are badly damaged or worn out.

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Possible cause of whine noise on automatic transmission:
A damaged component inside the transmission

What to do:
There is nothing much to do but to bring the car to the repair shop that specializes with the transmission repair, ask the mechanic to inspect the transmission for the abnormal noise. The mechanic might open the transmission, it is normal to open the transmission to determine the exact cause of the problem. This kind of job will cost you a lot. There is no choice but to have the transmission repair because if you ignore the whining noise it will cause more damage to the transmission and buying a new one is more expensive that have it repair.

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