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When Should You Check Your Tire Pressure?

Do you know when should you check your tire pressure?  It is recommended that you should check your tire pressure monthly. Tire pressure must be check regularly because it is estimated that your tire losses 5% of the tire pressure every month, therefore, it is best to check the tire pressure monthly.


How to check tire pressure?
Step 1) Look at the standard tire pressure value recommended by the car manufacturer related to your car model and the size of your car tire. Usually, the tire pressure is located on the label that is adhered on the driver side door. If there is no label on the door side, look on the car owners manual for reference.

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Step 2) Tire pressure should be check when the tire is cold if possible (the car is parked for approximately more than 3 hours or traveled not more than 1km). Remove the tire valve cap. It is the little plastic cap installed on the tire valve.

Step 3) Using the tire pressure gauge measure the tire pressure. Place the tire pressure gauge on the valve stem then press hard until the air whistling sound is not heard and the gauge starts a measurement reading.

The Truth About Cars
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Step 4) Record the reading of the tire pressure gauge. Compare the gauge reading to the recommended tire pressure of the car manufacturer.

Step 5) If the tire pressure is less than the recommended tire pressure, inflate the tire according to the recommended value. If the tire pressure is over the recommended value, deflate the tire up to the recommended tire pressure.

The Truth About Cars
Check the tire monthly to prolong the life of your tire. Take note that to have an accurate checking on your car tire pressure, use a tire pressure gauge, because some people check their tire pressure by only looking at the tire, you cannot tell if the tire is underinflated or overinflate by just looking at it. There is a lot of tire pressure gauge available on the market today, I personally use Accutire MS-4400B Pistol Grip Digital Tire Gauge.

Always maintain your tire pressure within the recommended value to avoid uneven tire wear and prolong the life of your car tire.