Front End of the Car Vibrates at Certain Speed

When driving at a certain speed, for example, more or less 60 kph, it feels that the car front end vibrates but no vibration on the rear end.

Usually the reason for this kind of problem is the out of balance front wheel , sometimes during manufacture the rims and tires are not balanced in terms of weight distribution, that is why it is necessary that during assembly of tire there is wheel balancing to compensate for the out of balance wheel because of the fault during manufacturing.

If the car front wheel is out of balance, it will not rotate evenly when a car is being driven and because of this vibration occurs. At a certain speed, the vibration becomes severe which is enough for the car front end components to vibrate as well which can easily be noticed by the driver.

Possible Cause of Front End Vibration at Certain Speed

Out of balance front, the wheel is the most common possible reason, there might be another reason which can only be determined by actual inspections and checking of the car.

How to Fix Front End Vibration

Bring the car to a reputable shop, usually, a tire shop can do the balancing of the tire. There are two methods used for wheel balancing, the first one is the static balancing wherein the wheel assembly is taken-off from the car and put it into a balancing machine and have it balanced, the other method is the dynamic balancing wherein the wheel assembly is balanced on the car, meaning the wheel is balancing even it is not taken off the car.

Either of the two can be used to balance the front wheel, but the latter is the best method to use because it considers the influence of the brake disc or brake drum in terms of wheel balancing.