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Clicking Noise When Turning Rear Wheel Drive at Front End

There is a clicking noise when turning rear wheel drive occurs mainly from the car front end. This kind of problem can always be pointed out to a CV joint. However, if your car is a rear wheel drive then that’s a different story because the rear wheel doesn’t have CV joint. So, it necessary to determine whether your car is a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.


For Front Wheel Drive, The most common likely cause of the clicking noise you’ve heard is a faulty outboard CV joint. As you may not know, CV joints or Constant Velocity Joints is a flexible joint which allows a smooth application of the engine power into the front wheel of your car. CV Joint has what you called the Inboard CV joint and the Outboard CV Joint, usually, between the two, the Outboard CV joints, based upon a mechanic experience, if it is worn or damaged is the one causes the clicking noise you heard when your car is turning.

For Rear Wheel Drive, as rear wheel drive does not have CV joint, this means that the problem is not on the CV Joints. The most common cause of this problem for the rear wheel drive has something to do with the front end components such as tie rod end, control arm, steering knuckle, ball joint, etc. One of these components might have been damaged. Another possibility is that the wheel bearing is also damaged.

Possible Cause of Clicking Noise at Front end
Faulty CV Joints if your car is a front wheel Drive or Damaged Front End Parts if your car is rear wheel drive.

How to Fix Clicking Noise When Turning
For the CV joint problem
(1)Get underneath the front of your car on the side where the clicking noise occurs and inspect the outboard CV Joint boot.

(2)If the rubber boot was torn the dirt goes inside and damaged the CV joint that resulted in a clicking sound you heard when turning.

(4)Replace the CV Joint to fix the problem.

(5)Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to inspect your car and do the necessary repair.

For the front end parts problem, bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and have a mechanic to inspect your car front end components and have all the necessary repair done at once, because if not this might cause you a very serious accident.

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