Why Does My Car Pull To The Left?

Why Does My Car Pull To The Left?

Why does my car pull to the left? The car pulls to the left or pulls to one side slowly while driving because of several reasons, and to determine the cause of car pulling to the left a simple test will do.

Troubleshooting car problems
The car pulls to the left when driving usually causes by three problems namely, a mismatched front tire inflation pressure, dragging front brake, and slightly out of alignment wheels. To determine the exact cause follow this simple car problem diagnosis.

1) First is to check tire inflation pressure. Use a tire pressure gauge to check the inflation pressure of both the front tire. The tire pressure must be the same with the car manufacturer specifications this can be seen on the car owner’s manual.

If the two front tire inflation pressure reads differently compared to what the car manufacturer specified, then we have a mismatch tire pressure specifically the left tire has a lower inflation pressure than the right tire which causes the car pulls to the left. However, if both tires are within the standard specifications then proceed with the car problem diagnosis, step 2.

2) Check if the front brake is dragging, drive the car for about 15 to 20 minutes then park. After parking goes out immediately and touches each rim of both the front tire and determine if there is a temperature difference between the two. If one rim is colder than the other then the problem is brake dragging. The rim with the higher temperature is the one with a dragging brake, on which this case is the left side rim because it causes the car pulls to the left while driving. However, if both of the rims seem to have the same temperatures then the only remaining cause of the problem is the wheel alignment.

If the wheel is slightly out of alignment, there is the tendency for the car to slightly pull, to which this case the car pulls to the left.

Possible cause of slight car pulling the left
1) The front tire inflation pressure is a mismatch.
2) The front brakes dragging.
3) The wheel out of alignment.

What to do?
Mismatch Inflation Pressure of Front Tire. Mismatch inflation pressure is the easiest problem to fix. Usually, the tire inflation pressure can be determined by looking at the label adhere near the driver side panel of the car, if the label is not available to check the car owners manual for the recommended tire inflation pressure for the car. Inflate both front tires within the correct tire pressure mentioned on your car owner’s manual when using a tire pressure gauge measure the tire inflation pressure to confirm if the tire pressure for both front tires is corrected.

Front Brakes Dragging or Wheel is Out of Alignment. If the problem is brake dragging or if the wheel is out of alignment then bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to confirm your findings and proceed with the repair if necessary to correct your car pulls to the left problem.

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