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What Does a Flashing Check Engine Light Mean?

Do you know what could cause the check engine light flashing or come on while driving? Check engine light indicator is the symbol of the engine appears on the dashboard when there is a problem on the parts that are related to the emission.

When the ignition key is turned ON, the light will be lit for approximately 3s for self-detection and then go off after self-detection is completed. If the warning light does not go off after the car has been started or makes displays while driving, it indicates that the engine system has a fault.

Check engine light is a part of the OBD system - stand for Onboard Diagnostics. Check engine light flashing indicates that there is a problem with the power train that affects the emission system of your car. Most of the cars today are controlled by computer, this computer is the one that regulates almost all of the system in the car for a maximum performance like the air/fuel mixture, as well as the timing.

What to do When Check Engine Light Goes On
What to do when check engine light goes on? When the check engine light goes on, remove the key from the ignition switch for about 30 seconds then return the ignition key to the ignition switch then start the engine, if the check engine light still ON the only thing to do is to bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to check your car.

Oil Light Flashing When Driving
Oil light flashing when driving, a result of low oil pressure, the reason is low engine oil, using wrong viscosity engine oil, partly clogged oil pan. Read more » Oil Light Flashing

Check engine light can either flashing or steadily on, for the check engine light flashing this means a serious problem occurs and needed immediate attention, usually this is because of an engine misfiring, try to slow down a bit and bring the car to a shop at once to avoid an escalation of the problem.

If engine-related problems occur, you should immediately stop your car if it is safe to do so, if nothing is done, serious driving performance problems will occur.
However, if the check engine light  appears steadily while you are driving, no need to worry this does not mean a serious problem, usually, this kind of problem can be solved by just tightening the gas cap, in any case, you still need to bring your car to a repair shop for checking.

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