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Car Battery Light On and Off

Why car battery light on an off? this problem often occurs while driving, suddenly the battery warning light starts to flickers or is come on and go off occasionally. When this happens problem with the alternator is more likely the reason.  Slipping alternator belt or failing alternator is the reason why low battery warning lights come on and off.

You know, the alternator does two things first is to charges the battery, second is to provides electricity to power all of the car electrical accessories when the car engine is running, such as headlights, brake lights, car stereo, car air con, and others

The Alternator is a belt-driven device that sometimes the belt is occasionally slipping if belt slip the alternator will not generate electricity to charge the car's battery at the same time to power car accessories thereby making battery warning lights on the dashboard to come on and off occasionally.

Also if the alternator occasionally fails, the same thing happens it will not generates electricity for sometimes which also cause the battery warning light to come on and off occasionally, Another possible cause is when the alternator wiring harness becomes lose it can cause the battery warning light to flicker but this is very rare to happen.

What to do?
In any case, take the car to a reputable repair shop, ask the mechanic to check the alternator and alternator belt, just hope that the problem is the car alternator belt which can be fixed by simple adjustments or replacement if necessary, or else it will cost you a lot of it’s the failing alternator that causes the battery warning light to flicker. Anyway, a car alternator can be repaired and it is much cheaper than buying a new one.
How to Test an Alternator
An automobile has many electrical devices, such as the starting system, lights, radio, etc. These devices are operated by the electric current supplied from the battery and alternator. The amount of power generated depends on the alternator specification and engine speedLearn more: How to Test an Alternator

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