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How to Jump Start a Car with Leads

If the engine can’t be started up because the battery has been discharged, it is possible to start up the engine by connecting the battery on another car with the jumper cable. How to jump-start a car? When you are going to jumpstart a car, pay attention to some safety reminders such as the rated voltage of the battery used as the power supply or the booster battery must be 12 V, and its capacity (Ah) may not be less than the battery which has discharged the electricity.

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Only use the jumper cable with a wire that is large enough and intended for jump-starting a car, follow the instructions indicated on the cable instruction manual. Use a jumper cable equipped with an insulated electrode holder.

If your battery has been frozen, do not attempt to jump-start a car because it might explode will also damage the unfrozen battery. Battery with frozen electrolytes may overflow and will also cause corrosion in your car, therefore it is a must not use a frozen battery as a booster, instead use an unfrozen battery.

During jump-starting a car, there must be no contact between the two cars, so avoid to park too close to each other. Once the positive poles of two batteries are connected, the circuit will be closed immediately, and thus danger may occur. Before carrying out any operation relating to battery, be sure to carefully read and comply with the safety instructions relating to the handling of the battery.

What to avoid on jump-starting a car

When you jump start a car it should be done correctly, if not then the possibility of a battery explosion can occur and will damage the car. Again, avoid using a frozen battery to jump-start a car and the correct battery rating should also be considered. When connecting the jumper cable, firstly connect the positive binding post, and then connect the negative binding post. Do not directly connect the negative cable to the negative pole of the discharged battery, otherwise, the spark generated at the moment when the cable is connected may ignite the flammable gas generated by the battery and thus cause an explosion. Also, make sure not to connect the negative cable to any component of the fuel system or brake pipeline, otherwise, the fire may occur.

How to Jump-Start a Car?

Step 1. Make sure that the car A (car with booster battery) and the car B (car about to jump-start) has both the parking brake engaged. Ensure the gear position is in a neutral position if the car is manual transmission and at park (P) position if the car is an automatic transmission.

Step 2. Turn off all the electrical equipment on both cars.

Step 3. Connect the jump start cable on both car in the sequence as, positive to positive (A) to (B) and negative to the engine cylinder body of the car with discharge battery (C) to (D) as illustrated the sequence is (A>>B>>C>>D). When connecting the jumper cable, firstly connect the positive binding post, and then connect the negative binding post. Make sure the cable is in place to prevent the cable from touching any moving part of the engine.

Step 4. Now, start the car A (car with booster battery) and rev the engine up to 2000 rpm, ensure that the gear is in the neutral position to avoid an accident. After that let the car A on which the power supply battery is mounted, make it run at idle speed. 
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Step 5. Wait for a few minutes then start car B, if the engine does not start. Turn the ignition "OFF". Wait for 3 to 4 seconds and start the engine again. After the engine is started on car B on which the discharge battery is mounted, please make it run for a while, so as to enable the alternator to charge the discharged battery.

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Step 6. After the jump-start of car B, remove the jump start cable. Disconnect the cable in the reverse sequence (D>>C>>B>>A) as illustrated above. Let the engine runs at idle speed while removing the cable.

Improper use of jumper cable may cause the explosion of battery and serious injury, therefore read carefully the instructions on how to use jumper cable as instructed on the manual of the jumper cable manufacturer.

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