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Do you have to break in a new car?

Do you have to break in a new car? Yes. Most people do not bother to break in their car after the purchasing, most people overlook the break in period when they've just bought their new car, some is not aware that break in determines the reliability of the car in the future, that is why break in is necessary for the newly purchase car, the schedule is very important.

If you've just bought a new car you must consider the following break in period as recommended by the car manufacturer for future reliability of the car.

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How do you break in the car?
For the first 1,600 km it is necessary to do the following during break in period.

1) Do not quick start the car.
2) Do not drive the car on either fast or slow at a constant speed for long periods.
3) In any gear position, avoid accelerating at full throttle.
4) Avoid running the car at high RPM.
5) As much as possible try to avoid hard braking.
6) Do not use the car to tow a trailer during the first 800 km or equivalent to 500 miles, also when you tow a trailer for the first time after the break in period avoid driving the car above 80 kph (50mph) for the following 800 km and do not accelerate at full throttle.

If you taken good care of the car the first time you handle it, plus having it maintained base on the car manufacturer recommendations then it will assure you that the car will maximize its performance and reliability.

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