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Why is it Difficult to Start a Car in the Cold?

Do you know why is it difficult to start your car in the cold? several reasons are causing your car difficult to start in the cold, but the most common is because of the battery is weak. Another reason is because the engine oil is too thick.

Car Trouble Symptoms
When its cold the car is not starting.

Possible Cause of Car Trouble Engine
Oil is Too Thick
Use of Heavy, Single Weight Engine Oil can cause a car not to start in cold. This type of oil will becomes too thick when the temperature is very cold especially during winter. If the oil is too thick the engine will be having trouble during cranking when trying to start it is because the oil causes too much friction between the piston and the cylinder.

The Battery is Weak
Another reason why the car will not start in cold temperature is that the battery is weak. At a very cold temperature the battery will become very weak and when the battery is weak it will not crank the engine fast enough to start it.

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What to do?
Oil is too thick
When you anticipate of having cold temperature or when the winter comes, change the engine oil into multi-weight oil like 10W-40, this oil will not get thick when the temperature is very cold and will not cause your engine to suffer from hard starting.

The battery is weak
When the weather is cold make sure that the battery has a good “cold cranking rating”. Cold cranking rating is the ability of the battery to work in a very cold temperature especially during winter. So when winter comes, bring your car to any battery store and have it check if the car battery has a higher cold cranking rating that can withstand a very cold temperature. If the battery has a lower cold cranking rating then have it replace so that you may start your car in a very freezing cold winter.

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