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How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Better Gas Mileage
Do you know why your car is getting terrible mileage? Do you know how to save gas? Several reasons are causing the car on getting terrible mileage it can be controllable or not which is most often. The cost of fuel that keeps increasing ripped the budget of the average car owner, no other way to save the budget on fuel but to maximize the use. Terrible fuel mileage can become better as long as you know how to get better gas mileage. We have listed some of the habits that need to be avoided to get better gas mileage.

How to save gas for better gas mileage

Maintain proper tire pressure. Always check the tire for proper tire pressure, do not run the car with the under-inflated tire. Do not neglect to check the tire pressure, check the tire at least once a week. If you run the car with the correct tire pressure it can add up in stretching a few miles of per gallon of the fuel the car consumes. In checking the tire pressure, do not just look at the tire using a tire pressure gauge to accurately check the tire pressure. The recommended tire pressure is usually located on the tire pressure sticker located on near the driver side door. 

Do not overload. The heavier the car the more fuel it consumes, therefore remove the unnecessary load on your car as much as possible. Every load that the car carries have an equivalent fuel it consumes.

Do not over speed. The most economical range of speed that the car can run is 40 to 50 mph. Maintaining this speed will add up to the mile per gallon your car can run with better fuel consumption.

Do not travel during traffic hours. If you stuck on the traffic your car will consume more than while your car run, therefore plans your trip avoid traveling if you know the hours the traffic builds up.

Avoid stop and go driving. When you drive avoid sudden stop and sudden acceleration, driving with stop and go habit consumes extra fuel than normal.  

Follow proper maintenance. Maintenance is the most important activities you never forget, follow the periodic maintenance schedule recommended by the car manufacturer. The manufacturer set periodic maintenance to avoid the small problem from developing into a bigger problem. 

These are only a few tips that you can do to gain an extra mile, and somewhat improves driving habits that contribute to your car to have a bad fuel mileage.

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