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How Often to Change Engine Air Filter

How often to change the engine air filter depends on the conditions set by the car manufacturer, but usually, the air filter is replaced yearly.

How often should you change the engine air filter

Changing the engine air filter will depend on your driving conditions and the recommended period by the car manufacturer in the periodic maintenance schedule , but usually, the air filter is changed once every year.

The engine air filter is the one that cleans the air by filtering particulates that comes with the air before it goes into the engine combustion chamber. This will prevent damage to the engine, it lessens the internal engine wear because of the contaminants present in the air. During the filtering of air, the particulates are stocked inside air filters which then causes clogging of the air filters, that is why we need to replace our vehicle air filters.

What does a bad air filter cause?

If the engine has bad air filters, for example, the filter is clogged, the amount of air that the engine is needed will be insufficient because the air is restricted from entering the engine.  When there is not much air entering the engine, the effect is that the fuel will become too rich meaning there is more fuel than air in the air/fuel mixture. So much fuel is present in the air/fuel ratio.

Now, what happens if the air/fuel ratio that reaches our engine is too rich? If the air/fuel ratio is too rich, there is so much gas is burned inside the cylinder, it will cause the car to emit black smoke from the exhaust.

To replace the air filters as often depending on driving conditions. If you drive in a dusty place replacement should be more often as possible. Any auto shop provides air filters at a reasonable price and it is very easy to replace air filters.

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