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Air Bag Deployment Condition

SRS Air bag is meant to functions on severe frontal collisions, the speed of its deployment may vary depending on the vehicle model. It deploys in a severe frontal collisions from the oblique right or left, when the collision posses a serious threat of injuries to occupants. The oblique angle must be under about 30 degrees for deployment.

SRS airbag inflates extremely rapidly that sometimes may result in an abrasion and bruising of the occupant during contact.

SRS Air bag deploys in the following conditions.
Moment of impact in a 20-30 km/hr front collision with a solid, immobile concrete wall.

Moment of impact in a 30-35 km/hr front collision with a solid immobile concrete pillar.

Airbag may also be activated when a strong impact underneath a vehicle happened

When a vehicle collides with a deformable mobile object, the vehicle velocity of airbag deployment will be higher since the impact of the collision will be reduce.