Jan 7, 2016

Abnormal Tire Wear On Inside Edge of Tire

Car Trouble Symptoms
The inside edge of the tire has abnormal tire wear. Tire wear is unusual.
Car Problem Diagnosis
If there is an abnormal tire wear on inside edge of car tire, this only means that there is a problem of wheel alignment, specifically the tilting of the wheel. Wheel alignment means the straightness of wheels relative to the cars frame.
Tilting of a wheel is called camber and it’s either being positive camber, negative camber, or no camber. Positive camber is when the wheel is tilted outward or away from your car’s frame, negative camber is when the wheel is tilted inward or towards your cars frame, and no camber is when the wheel is not tilted. If the car tire has abnormal tire wear on the inside edge this only means that the tire is tilted inward or towards your car’s frame.

Possible Cause of Tire Wear On Inside Edge
Negative camber wheel alignment problem

How to Fix Abnormal Tire Wear on Inside Edge

Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shops that do a wheel alignment job, a mechanic may sometime tell you to replace one or more of your front end parts, if this happens consider seeking a second opinions before agreeing with the replacements, this will fixed the abnormal tire wear on inside edge.


WoW said...

just curious to know how often a driver is required to change his engine oil??


A2V said...

Hi wow,

Changing engine oil depends on the severity of usage of your vehicle, usually it is recommended to change your engine oil every 6 months or 5,000 km (whichever comes first) for diesel engine and once a year or 10,000 km (whichever comes first) for gasoline engine.

Thanks for dropping by.

WoW said...

thx for the info

Anonymous said...

I have tire wear (down to threads) on the inside of both of my front tires, I also have a huge shimmy when going 65mph or higher. What would cause this??

A2V said...

Hi, thanks for the visit, you said that your font tire have an uneven tire wear inside this indicates problem on wheel alignment, as for the shimmy on steering wheel at 65 MPH this is categorized as high speed shimmy,this was an indication of imbalance tire, possible cause is due to your uneven tire wear, first thing to do is have your front tire balance and your vehicle wheel align, if this does not correct the problem have your front end parts inspected because loose front end parts can also cause the steering vibration. Hope this answers your questions. If your have more questions consider posting it to Auto Forum. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Wear inside is caused by worn ball-joints. Paying $100 for an alignment and then checking parts, uhuh, nono ! Check parts first by shaking tire top to bottom for worn ball joints.Shake left to right for worn tie-rods