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Car AC Barely Blowing Air from the Vents

When car ac is barely blowing air from the vent there is problem with the air passage. Usually if the car air conditioning fan is at maximum setting the air coming out the car ac vent is also at maximum air blowing, but when the car air conditioning vent barely blows out air there is a problem. The main reason of this is a blower problem or air duct blockage problem.

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Whenever the car air conditioning barely blows out air from air conditioning vents, the first culprit that will come into a mechanics mind is the blower because most often than not the cause of the problem is a failing blower or sometimes sliding blower wheel from the blower motor shaft, or sometimes the reason is that the blower is suffering from a faulty dashboard switch assembly, in this case the blower will not operate on maximum operation even if it was set on the highest setting.

Same as for the air duct blockage this will restrict the flow of air from coming out of the car air conditioning vent, possible reason for this is that there is a closed or nearly closed air doors that is stuck inside from one of the car air conditioning duct, thus preventing the air to come out the car air-con vent, it is also possible that an accumulation of debris such as leaves from a fresh air intakes is preventing the flow of air, but the restriction of air can only be felt when the car air conditioning is set to "fresh".

Possible cause why there is barely blowing of air from the vent

(1) Problem on the ac blower.
(2) Air duct blockage.

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When fixing the problem, determine first the car air-con system settings to where the problem occurred, if the problem was occurred only when the air-con air circulation is set to "fresh", meaning the air from outside goes inside the vehicle then the cause of the problem is the accumulation of debris on the intake port for fresh air, if this is the case just check the accumulation of debris such as leaves which restrict the flow of air to come out from the air-con vents and remove it, the intake port is located on the outside beneath the cowl top, this is near the windshield base, just open the car hood to gain full access on the intake port.

If the car air conditioning barely blows out air even when the car air-con is set to "recirculate" then there is a more serious problem, if this is the case the vehicle will need to bring to a reputable shop specializing in auto ac repair and have it check by an expert mechanic.

Prior to checking the mechanic must first remove a lot of parts before the vehicle air-con blower and air conditioning duct can be actually check. Checking this parts needs some expertise.

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  1. HI, I have a 2005 kia spectra5, my a/c unit works, but sometimes when Im driving the airflow stops. If I put my hand up to the vent, I feel the cold air inside the duct but there is no airflow and the fan sounds like is working. Also sometimes I see a white cloud of fog, almost like when you open your freezer. I dont know what could be causing this, but I think is freezing the duct and restricting the airflow because when this happens, Ill put the temperature to hot, and it takes a few minutes before the hot air starts flowing causing the air to flow again. Any Ideas or suggestions?

  2. Have same issue happening with 2005 Kia Spectra5, almost like the A/C is freezing up then stops blowing, some white vapour coming out, have to turn off A/C for awhile then when turn it back on starts to blow again. Anyone have any similar issue or have success in getting this repaired/diagnosed?

  3. my car really sucks. you cant feel any air at all. even with the air filter removed and the hole exposed to outside air

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