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Car With Bad Fuel Mileage

Car bad fuel mileage can cause by many factors which can either be controllable or not.

With the cause of fuel that keeps increasing there is no other way to save money but to maximize the fuel efficiency of your car. Bad fuel mileage can become better as long as you know how to control your driving habit.

Things to avoid having a car bad fuel mileage

1. Do not run the car with under inflate tire. Avoid neglecting the checking of tire inflation pressure at least once a week. Correct tire pressure can add up in stretching a few miles of per gallon of the fuel your car consumes.

2. Avoid overloading your car, as much as possible remove unnecessary load that the car carries, every load you put on the car there is an equivalent fuel consumes.

3. Avoid over speeding, maintain your speed within the most economical range of 40 to 50 mph. 

4. Avoid traveling during traffic hours. A car that stuck on traffic consumes fuel without gaining a certain mile.

5. Avoid sudden stop and sudden acceleration. Sudden acceleration consumes extra fuel.

6. Lastly, do not neglect the maintenance of your car. Have a routine lube job based on the car manufacturer recommendations.

These are only a few tips that you can do to gain an extra mile, and somewhat improves driving habits that contributes to your car to have a bad fuel mileage.

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