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Car is Not Starting Only Spinning Sounds Occurred

Car is not starting. Only spinning sounds occur coming from engine when trying to start. If the car wont start and only spinning sound is heard when cranking the engine this indicates that the car starter drive is slipping. The starter drive is a part inside the starter that is when slipping can caused the car not to start.

Possible cause of spinning sounds during starting

Bad starter drive

How to fix spinning sound occurrence

With this kind of problem the only option you have is to replace your car starter. If the car is still under warranty, have it towed from your garage to the authorized dealership and have it replaced by the dealership.

However, if it is already beyond warranty, it will cost a lot to repair this kind of problem. To save cost bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to have the starter be replaced with a rebuilt one since it is nearly as good as a new one with a much cheaper price, or you may want to do it yourself you’ll only need a repair manual of your car model then follow step by step procedure indicated in the manual.