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Power Steering Wheel Becomes Stiff Sometimes

Stiff steering wheel is felt sometimes while driving.

Troubleshooting car problems of stiff power steering wheel
Power steering that becomes stiff sometimes while driving your car is an indication of a faulty steering pump. The power steering system on car has a power steering pump, this device is the one that pumps steering fluid to create hydraulic forces trough the various tubes. The created hydraulic force will then applied to the steering gear and makes the car easier to steer using the steering wheel.

When the steering wheel becomes stiff sometimes, the most likely to cause the problem is a faulty steering pump. When the pump failed the steering fluid will loss hydraulic pressure making the steering wheel stiff. Since the problem only happens sometimes then this indicates that the pump is failing momentarily that is why the steering wheel is sometimes stiff. Other possibility is that the steering belt is slipping this happens when the belt is wet however this is very rare cause of stiff steering wheel.

Possible cause of stiff steering wheel for power steering car
Faulty steering pump

How to fix stiff power steering wheel
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the car power steering system. Tell the mechanic to check the power steering pump to confirm your car diagnostics, if the pump is faulty then replace the power steering pump to fix your problem of steering wheel that becomes stiff sometimes.

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