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Car Vibrates at Certain Speeds

Car symptoms:

While driving the car vibrates at certain speeds.

Possible cause of car vibration at certain speeds
Out of round rim/tire
Out of balance wheels

Reasons why car vibrates at certain speeds
When a car vibrates at certain speed it is because that the wheels is not evenly rotating, when the car is driven the wheels is already vibrating and when the car reach a certain speed, the vibration becomes severe and cause the suspension which is connected to the wheels to vibrate also. This vibration will be transferred to the body of the car making the entire car vibrate.

All About CarThere are two causes why wheels rotate unevenly it is because of the out of balance wheel and the out of round tire/rim. The wheels is said to be out of balance if the weight of the wheels is not evenly distributed throughout the wheels this will cause uneven rotation, prior to installation to the car wheels are already out of balance and to make it balance a wheel weights is attached to the portion where the wheel is out of balance before it will be installed to the car. Now if these weights are detached because of wear and tear it will cause imbalance on the wheel.

The out of round tire/rim is rarely happens, because wheels and tire is not perfectly manufactured because of some error the tire/rim will become out of round and this will result to vibration because an out of round tire/rim will rotate awkwardly while the car is running thereby creating vibration.

What to do?
If the car vibrates at certain speed the first thing to do is have all the wheels balance. Bring to car to a tire shop for tire balancing. There are two methods to balance the tire, one is the static wherein the wheels are removed from the car then put to a balancing machine then have it balance. The other method is the dynamic wherein the wheels will not be removed from a car during balancing it means that the wheels are balance while installed to a car.

The best method for balancing the wheels is the dynamic because it takes into consideration the influence of the brake disc or drum to the wheels. Now, when you bring the car to a tire shop they will also check if the rim or tire is out of round. If the condition of out of round is severe you will have to replace the rim or the tire.

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