Sep 21, 2017

How to determine the age of your tires?

Do you know how old is your tire? How many years do tire expires? Is there any way to determine expiration of the tire?


Tire manufacturing date play an important factor in knowing the tire expiration, whether the tire is still safe to use or not.
From the date of the manufacture you can decide whether the tire is still safe to use, before buying tire one must look at this date because one may never know how long the tire has been on the shelf, it might be sitting there for a long period of time.

According to Japan Tire Manufacturing Association (JATMA), tire will expire 10 years after the manufacturing date, meaning if the tire is not been use for that longer period the tire is not safe to use, and should not be use. But id the tire were already been used or the tire is put to service after the manufacturing date, then it should only be put into service for about 6 years. Tire that is used by car for more than 6 years from the start of manufacturing date must be replaced.

However, according to the tire and rubber manufacturer, it is very hard to predict the tire expiration because of too many factors which affect the aging of the tire.

Where to find the tire manufacturing date

cartechhome image

cartechhome image

On the above example the tire manufacturing date is 0707 this means the tire was manufactured on: 7th week of 2007, it also means that the tire was manufactured in February 2007. So, if the tire is put to service after the manufacturing date it should only be put to use until February 2013. However, if the tire did not put into service after the manufacturing date, the tire must not be put in used beyond February 2017. The tire manufacturing date was stamped on the side wall of the tire. When you look closer at the tire side wall it can easily be spotted, a 4 digit number.