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How to Replace Wiper Blades of Your Car

Windshield wiper is often used to clean a car windshield of water or dirt while driving under the rain or when the windshield is not clear enough to see what's in front of the car, but sometimes even after the used of windshield washer and the windshield wipers the windshield are still not that clear enough.

Also, windshield wiper blades sometimes chatter during operation because of the presence of wax and other materials on the windshield or even on the wiper blades. This means that both are needed to be cleaned.

Use a water solution or mild detergent when cleaning the outside surface of the windshield, if during rinsing with waters no beads is form this means the windshield is clean. When cleaning the windshield wiper blades soaked a piece of cloth in a water solution or mild detergent then wipe the windshield wiper blades, rinse the blades with water.

For instance, after cleaning the windshield and the wiper blades, but still the windshield is not clear enough, then it is necessary to replace the wiper blades.

Changing windshield wiper blades

Replace Windshield Wiper - All about car
(Before changing windshield wiper blades check first your vehicle wiper blades if it is the same with the above illustration)
  1. When changing windshield wiper blades lift the wiper arm away from the windshield.

  2. Push and hold the release tab (A) and slide the windshield wiper blades arm in the direction as illustrated (1) then remove the windshield wiper blades. (1) then remove the wiper blade.

  3. Slide a new windshield wiper blades opposite the direction when changing windshield wiper blades, a clicking sound confirms that the windshield wiper blades is in place.
Worn-out wiper blades may damage the wind shield as well as may impair the driver vision while driving, therefore it is necessary to check the windshield wiper blades always and once the wiper blades is damage then replace the blades the soonest.

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