A/C in Vehicle Not Blowing Cold Air

A/C in vehicle not blowing cold air, it starts with slowly reduction of cold air over time until the air that comes out the ac vents is warm. This kind of problem usually indicates slow refrigerant leak or a clogged condenser.

Refrigerant serves as the life blood of the a/c system. The refrigerant is the one that carries heat coming from your vehicle compartments, where the passenger is located, out to the surroundings so that the compartment becomes cold and provides comfort to the passengers. When the refrigerant is leaking, as in this problems case it slowly leaking, it will result to a steady reduction of cold air that comes out the a/c vents until the ac in your vehicle is not blowing cold air but instead ac blows hot air.

On the other hand, when the condenser is clogged the air that comes out the vents will also not cold. The condenser is an a/c system component, mounted in front of your vehicle with the radiator, which removes the heat carries by the refrigerant from your vehicle passenger compartment. Overtime the condenser can become clogged with dirt or debris that may results in the reduction of cold air produced by the a/c system but this problem will only contributes why the a/c system is not blowing cold air that causes by slowly leaking refrigerant.

Possible cause when car A/C do not have cold air

Refrigerant leak, clogged condenser

How to fix a car air conditioning not blowing cold air

The first thing to do is to clean the condenser, remove any dirt or debris that is accumulated by spraying pressurized water and brushing with a soft brush. Normally this improve the a/c system, If the a/c does not improve, bring the car to auto repair shop specialized in auto air-conditioning system and ask the mechanic to check the system for any leak and repair and have the system re-charge with refrigerant.