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Friday, February 5, 2010

Grinding Sound When Braking

Grinding sound when braking happens after the brake pedal is depress. Grinding sound or grinding noise is heard and notice by the driver coming from either the front or rear brakes.

Troubleshooting car problems of grinding noise when braking
When brakes is making grinding noise from either the front or rear during braking it means that the brake linings are worn down to the extent. The metal linings is exposed then rubs against the disc or drums when the brakes is applied. Why did the linings worn out that much? Probably, you have been neglected the brake linings tool long and not subjected your car to a routine maintenance based on your car owners manual. If you neglected this kind of maintenance, it can cause so more to fix the problem than following the car maintenance schedule.

Possible cause of grinding noise or grinding sound when braking
Excessive worn brake linings causes brakes grinding sound

How to fix grinding sound coming from brake
Bring the car to a reputable car shop that specializes in brake repair, asks the mechanic to replace the linings. However before replacing the lining it is necessary to machine the affected disc or drums since metal was rubbed against those parts deep cavity have been created.

There is also a possibility that the disc or drums is necessary to be replaced because machining is not possible due to extreme damage that resulted from rubbing the metal on those parts which also resulted to brakes making grinding noise.

Next time, to avoid paying more for the repairs which can be avoided, do not neglect to monitor the maintenance schedule of your car.

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