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Jan 6, 2018

What Causes Battery Light To Come On While Driving?

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What causes battery light to come on while driving? Well, if battery light comes on while driving it means that there is serious problem with the car which in any time may cause the car to stall. Now, there are two possible reasons why this problem occur.

Possible cause of problem
1. Faulty alternator.
2. Broken alternator belt.
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You see, the alternator is a belt driven device which job is to provide electrical charge to the car battery that powers all the car electrical equipment. The belt is then connected to the flywheel that is coupled to the engine. Since it is a belt driven device, if there is something happens to the belt like if the belt is broken the alternator will not function in this case no electrical charge will be given to the battery. And the electrical equipment will not be used continuously because it will eventually drain the battery.

In either case the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) which is the battery symbol on the instrument cluster will be lit to warn the driver that there is problem with the charging system of the car.

What to do?
If the battery light comes on while driving, just stop the car. Open the hood and locate the alternator, check if the alternator belt is broken if the alternator belt is good then the problem is a failing alternator.

Is it safe to drive the car when the battery indicator light comes on? 

Yes, it is safe to drive the car but you will only have an hour or less before the battery drains out, because only the battery will provide electrical power required by the car without the charge coming from the alternator.

Drive the car to the nearest repair shop, asks the mechanic to check the alternator if it can be repaired or not. Usually it is the carbon brass that causing the alternator to fail, so just replace the carbon brass.

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