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Rattling Sound Coming from Car Brakes

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A rattling noise comes from car brakes, this noise generally indicates a looseness of one or more brake parts. As you might never know when the parts vibrate this will produce a rattling sound. Certain parts of a brake unit can become loose and cause a rattling sound when they vibrate.

Possible cause of rattling sound from brakes

(1) Looseness of one or more brake parts

Usually, the front brake of a car consists of a disc brake. In the case of the front (disc) brakes, two parts that could be causing the noise are the anti-rattle springs and caliper mounting bolts. The anti-rattle springs secure the brake pads and hence, as their name implies, keep the brake pads from rattling. The caliper mounting bolts keep the caliper secure to the support bracket.

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The rear brake is usually a drum type. As for the rear (drum) brakes, the return springs and retaining springs are possible sources of rattle. The return springs pull the brake shoes back after the brakes are released. The retaining springs keep the shoes adequately positioned. If the sound comes from the drum brakes, which is usually the brake on the rear, the two possible loose parts that cause the rattle is either the retaining springs or the return springs, wherein the retaining springs are the one that keeps your car brake shoes to a proper position, whereas the return springs are the one that pulls your car brake shoes back after your car brake is released.

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You might be aware that your car brakes are consisting of different parts thus the possibility of looseness can occur on those parts but the above-mentioned parts are the most likely ones that cause the rattling sound loud enough to notice. Of course, there are other brake parts that can become loose, but the above items are the most likely to cause a rattle loud enough to notice.

Take this vehicle to a reputable garage and ask the mechanic to pull the tire corresponding to the brake unit where the rattling is coming from. Have him inspect the items we mentioned as part of this diagnosis.

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