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Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

Auto ac repair

When your car air conditioning is blowing hot air, this means that refrigerant cannot absorb the heat coming from your car passenger compartment. This kind of problem often causes by a refrigerant leak or a clogged condenser.

The reason why car air conditioner blowing hot air

(1) Refrigerant leak.
(2) Clogged condenser.

Car troubleshooting

Before we diagnose this kind of problem, let's have a little looked first on some parts of your car air conditioning system to have a little background on it. As some may not be aware of, the lifeblood of the auto air conditioning system is the substance that is known to be as "refrigerant" this substance is the one absorbed heat from the passenger compartment of your car, thus making your car passenger compartment cooler.

The refrigerant will then passes to a part called "condenser" this part of your car air conditioning system is the one responsible for removing heat that the refrigerant absorbed from your car passenger compartment.

Auto ac repair

If you have a steady reduction of cold air from your car air conditioning system, the possibility is that the refrigerant is slowly leaking out of the hose or seal. Another reason for the gradual reduction of cold air produced by your car air conditioning system is the clogged condenser but this is only a contributing factor.

To correct the problem, you must first check the condenser for dirt, debris, or bug that is building up outside the car condenser, this is the part that is like a mini-radiator mounted in front of your car radiator, try to clean this with a soft brush also, spraying with pressurized water will do. This may improve your car air conditioning problem.

If it will not improve your problem then you will need to take your car to a reputable shop specialized in car air conditioning and ask the mechanic to locate the leak and repair, take note that the cause of this kind of problem is mainly a refrigerant leak and the clogged condenser like I have mentioned on the latter is only a contributing factor, which means that you need to "charge" your car air conditioning with an amount of refrigerant. Also, you have to know what type of refrigerant your car uses.

Now a day's all-new car model uses an environment-friendly R134a refrigerant which is cheaper than the formerly use R12 also known as "Freon" which is banned for being not ozone friendly.

If your car still uses R12 refrigerants, expect it to be extremely expensive due to its diminishing supply, it would be better to ask your mechanic to convert your car air conditioning system to the one that is cheaper and environment-friendly refrigerants like the R134a.

Car AC Not Blowing Air from Vents
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