Why Your Engine Suddenly Lacks Power and How to Fix It

During driving suddenly your car engine lacks power on flat roads or uphill.

Troubleshooting car problems of sudden engine power loss
Sudden loss of power is usually cause by a failure on your car ignition system or carburetor. How this is possible?

As you can see, the ignition system is the one that provides electrical current to the spark plugs that triggers the ignition of the air/fuel ratio inside engine combustion chambers which is the source of your car engine power, with that said, if one of your spark plug does not received current it will not do the firing causing your car engine to lack power.

Another thing is that when the carburetor is at fault, it will not supply the engine an adequate amount of fuel which it usually does, hence the engine will not get enough fuel causing lack of power. 

Possible Cause of Engine Sudden Lack of Power
Problem on ignition system or carburetor

How to fix problem of engine power loss
Bring your car to a reputable auto repair shop and have a mechanic check your car ignition system or carburetor. Explain to the mechanic the nature of your problem and your diagnosis. Usually having a faulty ignition system can make your engine run rough.

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