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Car Wont Start When Car Engine Is Cold

When the ignition is turned on, the car won't start you are having a car starting problems especially during cold temperatures where the engine is also cold.

Troubleshooting car problems of not starting when the engine is cold

Two possible ways can cause your car engine not starting when the engine is cold, this happens when you have a weak car battery and the other is when you are using a heavy, single weight engine oil.

When the outside temperature is very cold it can cause your car battery to temporarily become weak which resulted in the battery not be able to crank your car engine fast enough to start it thus, a car engine not starting occurs.

Also, during cold temperature, if you are using a heavy, single weight car engine oil you will be having a problem of car engine not starting. This is because the heavy, single weight car engine oil tends to become very thick when the temperature is very cold, which resulted in a car engine having a hard time cranking when you try starting it is because of the extreme friction caused by the thick engine oil.

Possible Cause Car Not Starting When Engine is Cold

(1) Weak Battery or Used of heavy single car engine oil

If the engine is cold and the car won't start what to do?

When the problem involves a car battery, just replace the battery with one that has the better “Cold Cranking Rating” so that it will work in very cold temperatures, you can get it at any auto parts store just ask the sales clerk what’s best for your car.

But, if the problem involves the type of engine oil you used, then the engine oil to a multi-weight oil or multi-grade oil, like 10W-40, that does not thicken in colder temperatures and does not cause hard starting when the engine is cold.

Car Not Starting
On this page of all about the car, you will find the car not starting and starting troubleshooting and diagnosis. The troubleshooting guide indicated on this page is just the basic guide.
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